Ocean Drive Improvements Are on the Way


A new and improved Ocean Drive will eventually welcome tourists and provide better conditions for Miami Beach residents. Miami Beach City Commissioners recently gave the okay on a proposal intended to improve the thoroughfare and address many of the common complaints, including reducing noise pollution and improving lighting conditions.

One of the several major points being addressed in the proposal includes making Ocean Drive significantly easier to navigate for pedestrians and drivers alike. If you’ve ever spent some time driving through it on a busy night, you know that traffic can quickly build up with vehicles and pedestrians attempting to cross over between the various restaurants and the beach boardwalk.

To address crime, there will be a greater police presence while those that prefer unique restaurants versus chain restaurants will find there will be less of them. There were also plans to implement a drink curfew that would kick in at 2 am, but it was unsuccessful. This means that Ocean Drive visitors will still be able to drink until five o'clock in the morning as they are currently able to.

Are you excited about all of the new upcoming Ocean Drive improvements?

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